How to Increase PHP memory limit in WHM-Web Host Manager

php memory limit

How to Increase PHP Memory limit in WHM ? Its very easy..Don’t Panic.
With the Following steps, You can easily Increase your PHP memory limit in Web Host Manager- WHM

First Method

 1-Login in to your Web Host Manager -WHM Root

2-Go to Service Configuration > PHP Configuration Editor
3-Change the value 32m to 64m or 128m on memory_limit row
4-Restart Your Apache.

Second Method

1-Login to your cPanel > Click on File Manager icon and navigate to Public_html folder
2-Look for php.ini under public_html folder. If there is not any, Simply create a new file and name it php.ini
3-Right click on php.ini and select “Edit” option
4-Now add:max_execution_time = 90
max_input_time = 90
memory_limit = 128M
5-Save the file
6-Now look for .htaccess under public_html folder
7-Right click on the file and click on Edit option
8-Now within your .htaccess at the bottom, add:SetEnv PHPRC /home/cPanelUser/public_html/php.ini
9-Make sure to replace cPanelUser with your actual cPanelusername.
10-Save the file and Restart you Apache Services.

Note : After you make the change make sure to restart Apache Service in WHM. This will make the changes take effect.

Problem Solved !
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